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Meet the Beyou Founders

Meet the Founders: Charlotte and Nawal

Both originally from London, Charlotte Green and Nawal Alkhedairy are the co-founders of Beyou, the free mobile app that brings make-up artists to your front door. Having both spent several years living in Dubai, they were used to the fast-paced digital beauty services on offer at the click of a button. Now they launch their own mobile beauty app Beyou to the London market with a vision to expand the availability across the UK within 6 months.

Nawal comes from an events management background having worked for a high-end luxury fashion brand and Charlotte played a dominant role within her career in law until recently becoming a mum.

Download the app free from App Store to view our make-up artists and make a booking request.


Meet the Founders Charlotte Green


Fave Beyou look: ‘ Date Night ’ for when my hubby and I get a rare night out.

Signature fragrance: At the moment I go “Eau natural” without wearing fragrance as I don’t want to overpower my little baby with it! But when I am going out in the evening, it has to be Hermes Twilly.

Favourite fashion brand: Club Monaco for those classic wardrobe essentials that you will want to pull out the cupboard year after year.

Skincare hero: Lancôme BiFacial Eye Make Up Remover which removes the smokiest eyes without you needing to rub or tug at your eyes.

Earliest make – up memory: When we used to dress us for Halloween I would insist that my mum did my make-up to look like a fairy rather than a ugly witch! #alwaysafairy

Beauty icon: Gigi Hadid

My mother taught me to… “Give it a go, what’s the worst that can happen?”


Meet the Founders Nawal Alkhedairy


Fave Beyou look: ‘ Ravishing Revenge ’ – the name says it all! Who doesn’ t want to bring out their alter ego every now and then?!

Signature fragrance: Paco Rabanne Lady Million as it makes me feel super confident. Fragrance is all about how it makes me feel.

Favorite fashion brand: Gucci – Having worked for the brand for years, I’m a Gucci girl through and through. I fell in love with Alessandro Michele’s vision and adore the brand’s direction.

Skincare hero: Kiehl’s Creamy Eye Treatment with Avocado. It’s a game changer and instantly wakes my eyes up.

Earliest make – up memory: I had my first kiss at 15 (late bloomer I know!) and I remember getting ready for a date and applying make – up for the very first time much to my mother’s horror!

Beauty icon: Negin Mirsalehi . A true natural beauty who also nails the ‘Ravishing Revenge’ look when she wants to.

My mother taught me to… “It’s better to have one bird in your hand rather than 50 birds up in a tree.” Wise words from my Middle Eastern mother on my dating skills!

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