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We asked our MUA Aisha Rashid for her three all time favorite products and the reasons why she love them so much.

  1. Stripdown lip liner by MAC – the perfect liner to create a realistic over drawn  lips. The lip liner mimincs the natural shadows around the mouth. It is not too brown &a dark and not in the pink tones either. It has a slight grey hue which helps to create a realistic shadow. Great for fairer skin tones.
  2. Laura Mercier translucent setting powder – Powder- finely milled so does not cake up or separate on the skin. It is great for baking. The translucency of it mean there is no flash back and can melt into the skin.
  3. Iconic London highlighting drops Great for both who want a subtle or strong highlight. It can be layered and does not go streaky neither does it look obvious. It can be used with fingers, brushes, beauty blenders or any sponge. It can be easily blended into the skin and looks great on any skin tone.

Make-up artist: Aisha Rashid

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Stripdown lip liner by MAC Beyou App

Iconic London highlighter Beyou App

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