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Best Friends in Beauty Business

Female entrepreneurs are leading a revolution in the world of business thanks to the advances in technology giving rise to self-employed women turning their business dreams into reality.

The Business Opportunity: After spotting a gap in the beauty app market, best friends Charlotte Green and Nawal Alkhedairy took the plunge to create and launch their own beauty app. In 2017, their creation Beyou was born, a free mobile app that allows you to book make-up artists straight to your door. Beyou’s ethos is to achieve the best version of yourself, while celebrating your own individual look and style.

From Classroom to Company: Having met at school in London at the age of 11, Charlotte and Nawal, now both 30 years old, have a long running history of discovering beauty together. As teens, they would do each others make-up and experiment with new looks in their bedrooms. As adults, they had both spent several years living abroad in Dubai, where they became accustomed to the UAE’s booming beauty market and the high level of treatments and services on offer. Upon returning to London, both Charlotte and Nawal had a fresh perspective on the beauty industry and were inspired to raise the bar in the on demand app market.

Charlotte had played a dominant role in her law career until recently becoming a mother in 2017 and Nawal comes from an events management background, having worked for a high-end luxury fashion brand. The duo combined their passion for beauty and their entrepreneurial drive to become business partners.


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