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An Interview with our founders Part 2

 Beyou’s founders Charlotte Green (CG) and Nawal Alkhedairy (NA) answer questions about how they are expanding their community of makeup artists and where Beyou is going next?


What do you look for in a make-up artist?

CG:We recruit all our makeup artists either through professional recommendations or by scouting directly from retail venues.  We have a strict vetting process for all new MUAs and insist on seeing their portfolios.

Makeup Artist

How can make-up artists get in touch with you to join and what can make them stand out for you on Instagram?

NA:We love to hear from makeup artists from across the country. We’re constantly on the look-out for great talent.  It always helps if MUAs on Instagram show their full range of skills, update regularly, and have personal testimonials from existing clients.


What has been your happiest moment since starting Beyou?

CG: Seeing the actual concept come to life from start to finish; it’s such a great feeling still seeing the Beyou app live in App Store.

NA: Also getting client feedback. We are part of so many people’s lives now, whether it’s for their Big Day, prom, graduation or getting them ready for a date, the feedback that we get is one of our biggest motivators. Charlotte and I are so heavily involved in client facing and communication as we don’t want to lose the human touch and high quality of service even though it’s a digital service that we essentially provide.


What’s next for you both and the app?

CG:We’re capitalising on our nationwide success across Britain by launching in Ibiza on 10 May. We’re very excited! The White Island has long been synonymous with some of the world’s most glamorous parties, exclusive editorial shoots and high-end, high-octane, celebrity-filled events. It, therefore, seems the natural next step for us to offer our portable, on-demand, glam-on-the-go services there.

NA:Famously free-spirited Ibiza attracts all kinds of different people from all over the world, of different ages, tastes, looks, skin types and hair – and, of course, with different budgets.

We’re confident that amongst our carefully selected, world-class glam squad located in Ibiza there will be the perfect makeup artist for every client, every occasion and every budget.

CG: And we also have ambitious strategic growth plans to push into other key destinations throughout Europe later this year. This is just the start!

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