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An Interview with our founders Part 1

What inspired Beyou’s founders Charlotte Green (CG) and Nawal Alkhedairy (NA) to build Beyou:


What beauty apps had you used before you started building your own and why?

CG:We were living and working for several years in Dubai – a forward-thinking, fast-paced, tech-embracing, social media-loving, anything and everything on-demand kind of city where there are plenty of beauty apps. We tried several of them out.

So it came as a bit of a shock when we moved back to the UK – we missed our slick beauty apps for having a bespoke look for when we were heading to meetings, a night out with the girls, or had a hot date!

NA: :Back then in 2017, beauty apps were still in their relative infancy here in the UK.  We felt there was a huge gap in the market for what we had experienced overseas and that’s why we left our roles [Charlotte in law and Nawal in events for a luxury brand] and launched Beyou in London in Jan 2018.  We wanted a product like ours but it didn’t exist here, so we created it!



What are your favourite treatments to have to unwind and relax?

NA: Of course, we both love having our makeup done; we find it so therapeutic and relaxing.  Besides that, I love facials and Charlotte is currently, being pregnant, loving pregnancy massages!


Beauty products that you have to travel with?

NA: We’re both obsessed with Exuviance skincare products. For us, skincare and prepping the skin before any makeup is applied is super important. Cleanse, tone and moisturise – a good skincare routine is a must!

CG: As we both travel a lot, myself having moved countries several times and Nawal travelling internationally for work, Charlotte Tilbury Magic Cream is amazing to keep our skin hydrated, aid in the production of collagen, whilst also having an SPF 15 – all essential things when traveling!

NA: There’s also another thing that I love… it looks crazy, but it works like magic. When I’m on a long haul flight, I always use a Joanna Vargas face mask! One of those that you peel off and put on.



What hurdles did you have to get through at the beginning?

NA: Sacrificing time was a big one – we put our hearts, bodies and souls in bringing to life the concept which meant extremely long hours in the conceptualization and launch process. Of course, with Charlotte having a family and new born, and with me working, this was definitely a hurdle.

CG: Also the branding. We’re both perfectionists and know what we like and dislike. For us this was probably the most crucial part of Beyou as we wanted to ensure that it reflected Beyou in the way that we envisioned it.  Also the app testing – this was such a learning curve for us, understanding the process of how apps work and the technology behind them wasn’t something that we have done before or had experience in.

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